Building a New Team


Building a new team

After traffic and high housing costs, the complaint we hear most often from readers about life in the Napa Valley is some variation of “there’s nothing for families to do.”

Entertainment options are limited for kids in Wine Country, they say; you have to go to Vallejo or Santa Rosa or even down to San Francisco for affordable family entertainment. So common is this complaint that there is an inside joke in the newsroom: we compete to see who can predict how quickly any discussion on social media will feature a commenter calling for a skating rink to be built in Napa.

We’re not sure the era of the skating rink will ever return, but our readers do seem to have a point: the options for affordable, family-friendly entertainment in Napa County are relatively limited compared with larger nearby cities and counties.

And that’s why we are pleased by a recent development on the family-friendly front: Business consultant Bruce Johnston, a 10-year resident of Napa, is trying to bring professional baseball to his adoptive home.

Preposterous, you say?