Partner Opportunities

Great for your business.

Local businesses, vendors, and brands will have the opportunity to reach hundreds of baseball fans during each home game with everything from signage to printed collateral, merchandise, and more. And potentially thousands more via online & social media, and local radio and television coverage during the regular season, and thought the entire year.

Here are a few possible opportunities for your brand or business:

  • Game day programs featuring local businesses
  • Stadium and fence signage, printed collateral (calendars, programs etc) Naming rights to the baseball stadium and field
  • Public address announcements for sponsors and advertisers.
  • Radio, Newspaper, and other local media coverage
  • Co-branding opportunities, as official sponsors
  • Social media promotions across a variety of channels
  • Online promotion via team website
  • Between-inning appearances by sponsors, nonprofits and award-winners. • National Anthem sponsorships
  • Uniform logos featuring sponsors and advertisers
  • Merchandise co-branding
  • Prime stadium seating areas for sponsors.
  • Game day player meal sponsorships
  • Beer, wine, beverage vendors
  • Off-field event sponsorships.
  • Host player events at your business.
  • Be the game day host for a local nonprofit of your choice.